Rain Ionization technology

WeatherTec Ionization Technology enhances rainfalls in semi-arid regions covering thousands of km2. The Ionization increases natural rainfall development by mimicking the sun’s ionization and is completely environment-friendly without generating any waste products.

The Ionization Technology is based on charging aerosols in the atmosphere with the 3rd generation WeatherTec Emitter Stations at the ground. The aerosols carry negative charges to the clouds which enhance condensation processes and growth of water particles, e.g. liquid drops and ice structures by triggering the natural microphysical processes in the clouds. When entering the influenced area, rain cells grow in size, strengthen rainfall intensity, and extend their life-span.

WeatherTec Ionization Technology is completely environmentally friendly.
No chemicals are used or waste products produced as is the case in other rainfall enhancement technologies (i.e. cloud seeding by planes).

Experts believe that this is by far the largest source for additional freshwater on earth and has been defined by the Munich Security Conference as “Black Swan Technology”: the right solution at the right time with global impact for an imminent problem.

Carbon negative / neutral concrete

B-ton's mission is to decarbonise the construction industry through innovative proprietary technologies that reduce and remove carbon emissions from concrete.

We intend to remove the industry's reliance on Ordinary Portland Cement, lessen the need for steel and enable the utilisation of previously unusable resources, such as desert sand.

B-ton’s proprietary technology allowed the production of the WORLD’S FIRST EN-NORMED CO2-NEGATIVE CONCRETE which is25kg CO2 negative per m3
achieving compressive strength of 15-25 N/mm² after 24 hours, 50-60 N/mm² after 28 days and greater after 56 days.

Since their breakthrough on the 11th of November 2022, B-ton has produced carbon-negative concretes of different classes, including C20/25, C30/37, C40/50 and above.

The result is that the innovative concrete can be processed efficiently and thus offers a wide range of sustainable and scalable applications.

Aerosol spray for Mosquito related diseases

AraGon has developed two globally unique formulations in the form of an aerosol spray (IRS), AraGon 1 for low resistance and AraGon 2 for high resistance to control mosquitoes. These are available in the form of doses or in bulk.

Worldwide, approximately 215 million clinical malaria cases occur annually, more than 90% of which occur in tropical Africa. The number of malaria deaths is about 450,000 people annually.

Preventing infection from the bite of an infected mosquito is key to combating this infectious disease for those living in malaria endemic areas.

Next-Generation Air Purification for Large Spaces

An air purification solution quality from harmful particles.

The aim is to combine proven eco-friendly technologies and provide the unique solution for air decontamination in small, but above all very large indoor spaces.

Brainmate's patented invention is the creation of an apparatus for the electrostatic deactivation and removal of biologically hazardous and other aerosols from the air. This air purification and disinfection is achieved by combining the ionization of the air and the electrospraying of special liquids to collect and remove the pollutants. This combination is scalable and therefore also suitable for the rapid cleaning of very large air volumes.

The technical processes have no side effects that are harmful to the environment or endangering the user.
The devices can be switched modularly and can therefore be integrated relatively easily as an additional component in air conditioning and ventilation systems

water treatment and disinfection

Electrochemical disinfection production which can be used to disinfect large amounts of water for drinkable water supplies, or can be used to create a concentrated disinfection solution, suitable for on-site production.

A solution of Sodium Chloride (salt + water) is electrolysed using an electrolytic cell
In this process, chloride ions are converted into sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid.

Hydrogen peroxide is also produced by converting oxygen from within in the water molecules.

The combination of sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide has a synergic effect in disinfection. This unique chemistry has many proven operational benefits
producing disinfectant to fight viral diseases and producing clean water